Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

We recognize that sound legal advice at an early stage can help our clients avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. We start with an early assessment of the case and carefully consider the strategy as well as any alternatives to a formal procedure, including alternative dispute resolution. We will not hesitate to take immediate action where a dispute is inevitable; however, we also recognize that prolonged litigation is not always the most suitable path—particularly when the parties are trying to preserve a commercial relationship.

Greek Law 3898/2010 on mediation transposes the Directive 2008/52/EC and applies to all mediations both cross-border and internal. Law 3994/2011 brings a number of amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure. The basic idea was that 3 models should coexist within the Civil Justice scope: mediation, conciliation, and out of court dispute resolution by lawyers and their clients (collaborative mediation).
So, rather than going to court, why not solve disputes through alternative dispute resolution?
Our founder and managing partner Georgios Papastylos is a mediator accredited by the Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights so he can help you achieve your goals effectively through mediation.