Criminal Law

Whether they be plaintiffs, defendants or parties affected by freezing of assets or a request for international judicial assistance, G. Papastylos & Partners Law Firm assists its clients in criminal law procedures.G. Papastylos & Partners Law Firm has an extensive experience in white collar crime, in connection with charges such as breach of fiduciary duty, corporate opportunity, fraudulent misuse of funds, fraud, forgery, issuance of false business information, violation of banking law, money laundering, etc.

In particular, our firm offers the following services:
• Representation and support.
• Investigation of the case.
• Gathering of evidence.
• Analysis of the case.
• Developing a strategy.
• Drafting civil briefs and conclusions as well as criminal complaints.
• Follow-up of the magistrate’s examination of the case.
• Assistance and defense during hearings and trial.
• Appeal or opposition to appeal against decisions, ordinances, judgements and opinions.